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Adjusting and Reopening with Covid-19

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Wow! A lot has happened in the past three months. I'm sure it's not been easy for anyone, myself included. Sometimes my tattooing life feels like a faraway dream, but here we are, nearly ready to return to the wide, wide world of work... but we're not out of the woods just yet. Tattooing in Suffolk County is due to begin again with the arrival of Phase 3: Personal Care. But we're really not out of the woods just yet, and so we have to go about this being as safe as possible.

Phase 3 begins on June 24th and we can officially resume business hours. But due to all that's happened with Covid-19 and to prevent a rise in numbers, we need to follow

guidelines and that also takes active participation on your part. We appreciate your patience as we adapt to our new guidelines.

We will be working by appointment only for the indefinite future. So as of this time, we're sorry, but you can't just walk in. Our waiting area is closed so that we may keep the amount of people in the shop to a minimum. This means, please come alone to your appointment. Only the person getting tattooed at that time will be allowed inside. Friends, family and spectators must wait outside.

I can take requests for tattoos online either through email or facebook... and if your idea needs a simple consultation, we can set up a time to consult through Facebook's video messenger or another video service.

If it's necessary to conduct an in-person consultation, that must be scheduled as well. You can contact me or Joy or Jen ahead of time to make arrangements through the shop facebook or my facebook or email, or to make it really easy, please call the shop 631-648-9430. Calling is still the easiest way to get in touch with us during the work day.

You must leave a deposit in order for us to hold an appointment if we don't have one from you already. If an in-person consultation isn't necessary and you just want to make an appointment, speak to your artist first about ideas, dates and times and then you can leave a deposit via Venmo @inkpulsive to lock in that appointment time. Make sure to leave a note in there that says which artist you're working with so it's easier to sort out.

When you arrive for your appointment, call us from your car to let us know you're outside. For your consultation or tattoo appointment, you must wear a mask. It must cover both your nose and your mouth. When you first come in you'll be directed to our bathroom to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.

Please pack light- no unnecessary personal items. The more things you bring, the more germs you could carry through our door and we don't want that.

Try to maintain social distance from staff and clients while in our studio. Only your artist with ppe should invade your bubble. Mainly because it's really tough to tattoo someone from 6 feet away.

Additional time is allotted between appointments for set up and break down and additional sanitizing of work spaces, so appointments are never just back to back.

I know I'm always the one telling people "If you're sick, stay home". Right now, that's more important than ever. If you're not feeling well, even in the slightest, please call us and we'll reschedule you. Do not come to the shop. If you've been in contact with someone who has Covid-19, go get tested. We'll reschedule you with no problem once your test comes back negative. It's mandatory for us to be tested every two weeks during all of this for everyone's safety.

We appreciate your business and we'll do our best to make sure your experience is as safe and comfortable as possible. We can't wait to get back to work and we're very excited to get to see all of you again! Be safe, be well! ~Stacey


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