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Faeries, mermaids, elves, etc...  any being from the land of the fae.

We all have a faery or faeries (whether we're aware of it or not) hiding deep inside us. Sometimes it takes a little searching but with a little help and coaxing they can be found and brought to light. I guess you could say I'm one who seeks out these beings inside, and I like to help create their physical forms via custom tattoos!

Faeries (or Fairies, if you like...) are beings of pure energy.

What you see depends mainly on what you choose to see, or for that matter, feel.


Because you'll feel them long before you see them.

The first thing I focus on is what kind of feeling or emotion you want to express. Contrary to popular belief, faeries are not always cute and sweet. Some may be dark and moody or angry and spiteful or elegant and powerful with wisdom far beyond time. They may be shamans or shapeshifters, even warriors and mercenaries, ready for battle... or lighthearted tricksters delving in magic and mischief every chance they get.  And then there are those who just hang around your house, hiding your slippers and replacing your coffee with tea, just for a giggle at your expense.

There are no real rules to what you're faery can look like or the attitude she (or he!) may have or the feelings it may express. Along with the ideas that you have for your special fae I usually base the feel of each faery with a certain element that is favored by the client or with properties of the wearers zodiac, birth stone or flower, favorite colors... etc.

When dealing with tattoos, the words "Tiny" and "Faery" RARELY go well together.

Wait... what was that?

Before investing in this lifetime commitment, take into consideration that your tattoo will age along with you... bigger is always better if you're going for any good amount of detail. The smaller a design gets, the less and less complicated it must be. This leads a lot of people who want cute, tiny faeries to get run-together, cartoon-like blobs that later become indecipherable. (This is the internet... we've all seen them.) Read on...

Upon speaking to many, many, MANY people who are looking for faery tattoos, I find that most people are taken with the faces of the faeries and the emotions they express. Being that 'the eyes are windows to the soul', it's the details in the face that are important. When you reduce the size on a faery tattoo, the face and hands are the first places you will lose detail. It will only get worse as the tattoo ages.  The only thing you can do to slow down the aging of a tattoo is to give it room.

Many of my faeries are too detailed to be done small so if you're looking for detail, get ready for a sizeable piece. And just because a tattoo is a decent size, it doesn't mean it can't be flowing, feminine and elegant. Actually, if you're open minded, you'll see that it's quite contrary. The less you limit yourself, the more you can make your faery look like a painting that flows with the curves of your body rather than just being stuck on it. The impact of the piece can be amplified not only by details, but also by it's placement on the body. I usually take this into consideration when designing a tattoo. :)

Of course, if size is really an issue, I will work to the best of my ability
to help you achieve the tattoo that you want, no matter the size. :)

If you're thinking about getting a custom faery (or any custom work, for that matter) please call or text (631)743-0843 so we can discuss the piece. Most of my original designs can take a few days to draw and my schedule can be rather busy so at times it just may not be possible to start on the tattoo that same day.
Don't be discouraged... good art takes time. :)

Please note:

I do not design or sell custom tattoos over the internet. My schedule can be hectic at times so the only people I really design custom work for are clients who will be coming to me to have the work done. I'd have no clue how to price an original piece that I'd never be able to do on someone because I will not duplicate custom work. Perhaps one day in the future I'll have enough spare time to take on commissions of this type.

How do I get a custom Faery?
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