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Scheduling an Appointment


This page was created to help me keep my appointments orderly and easy to navigate. 

I'd like to make things to flow as smooth as possible, as this helps both of us.  

My most direct mode of contact is texting or calling my work number.

Please also send your first and last name so I'm fully aware of who I'm talking to.

You are welcomed to call but I'm not always available to answer. I've never been fond of voicemail- out of sight, out of mind.  If I don't answer, please leave me a text message- because it will be in sight when I check my messages. Don't be offended if I don't get back to you right away. 
(??? doesn't make me move any faster) I am only one person and if I'm working, I'm giving that client my undivided attention,just as I will give you when we are working together. Likewise, please don't be offended if you contacted me through social media and wound up here.  It streamlines my business and helps me to help you in a more efficient manner.  

I don't take walk-ins often.  I can sometimes set up same-day appointments if I have enough time to draw up and do your tattoo in the time I have available.  I do want to give you my best work so sometimes it's better to have patience and get something worthy rather than something rushed.

Good art takes time.

In order for me to get a clear idea of what it is you're looking for in a tattoo, it's best to schedule a consultation.  You can text me or call (631)743-0843 so we can figure out the best date and time to talk about your ideas.  (If you're traveling from farther away and can't visit the shop, I can also do consultations via fb messenger or something similar.)

After our consultation, if you decide to move forward with an appointment, I will collect a deposit, give you a receipt and we'll schedule an appointment. Please refrain from trying to hold 3rd party consultations unless it's absolutely necessary.  In order for ideas to be clear and  precisely what you're looking for, I'd rather speak to the person who will be receiving the tattoo.  

All tattoo appointments/drawings require a non-refundable deposit (cash, zelle, venmo) that will be deducted from the overall price of the tattoo.  I can't just draw something up for you in my 'free time'.  Free time isn't something that exists.  I need a target date to aim for.  Please know what days and times work for you...  weekdays, weekends, afternoons, evenings, etc.  This helps me to narrow down times that I have open in my schedule.

I do not send drawings through text or email.  I work on drawings for appointments in order and tend to draw for appointments a day or so beforehand.  That way it's ready on the day of your appointment.  For larger pieces, like sleeves or other body panels that have to be assembled directly on the client or drawn on, sending drawings would only lead to confusion.  I tend to  grasp concepts easily as long as they're described clearly, so if anything would need to be changed or modified at the last minute, it's normally not that complicated.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please let me know at least 48 hours

in advance.   This allows me time to rearrange my schedule and fill that time slot if I can.  I can also move your deposit to a new date.

Please let me know as early as possible if you're feeling ill or have an unexpected emergency.  I do understand there are things in life that can't be avoided.  I'm fairly reasonable.  

I can reschedule you for a later date.

If you absolutely need to have your tattoo done on a specific day, it helps both of us if you set up an appointment well in advance. Appointments are first come, first served, so the sooner you book that date and time, the better.  A month is normally good...  if you're trying to book a weekend, two months is better.  Weekends always book the fastest. 


Deposits & Appointment Notes

All appointments require a deposit.  I can't draw or hold an an
appointment date for you without a deposit. 

By submitting a deposit you understand and consent to the following terms:


  • Are required for ALL appointments

  • Are a minimum of $80, average around $100 and may be more for large-scale projects (sleeves/body panels).

  • Are NONREFUNDABLE and NONTRANSFERABLE.  If you can't make it, please let me know.  Don't just send someone else in your stead. 

  • Are deducted from the final price of the tattoo (or the final session if it takes more than one session).

  • Allow for 2 consecutive reschedules and will be forfeited for any beyond that.

The following will result in the forfeiture of your deposit:

  • Not showing up for your appointment.

  • Cancelling and not rescheduling within two weeks.

  • Rescheduling with less than 48 hours notice aside from illness or emergency.

  • Leaving a deposit for 60 days without any contact for scheduling/rescheduling

  • Being 20+ minutes late to your appointment without notice.  (Being too late may set me behind and at that point I am not obligated to tattoo you to avoid interfering with other appointments.)

  • Making major or complete design changes - this includes size and placement- without proper notice.  Please give me at least 72 hours notice for major changes.  A more elaborate  piece may not entirely fit in the time slot originally allotted. 

  • Arriving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

  • Arriving with damaged skin in the area to be tattooed (sunburn, razor burn, scratches/cuts abrasion, poison ivy, other skin conditions, etc.)  Please give proper notice if you need to reschedule for your skin to clear up or if you are open to changing the placement of the tattoo.

  • Arriving without proper photo identification...  I need your ID for the paperwork  you fill out before each new tattoo. 

  • Receiving the discussed tattoo at another establishment prior to appointment.

  • DO NOT APPLY ANY NUMBING AGENT TO YOUR SKIN BEFORE ARRIVING, you will be turned away and lose your deposit.  Any substance applied to your skin will affect it and can hinder the tattoo process! Some of these substances make tattooing nearly impossible.  Numbing creams and ointments can also affect the way your tattoo heals.   Some numbing creams and ointments can be dangerous and hazardous to your health.  Lidocaine toxicity is a real thing. 
    If you're concerned, please discuss this with me long before your appointment.  

Appointments...  Please Reschedule If:

  • You are sick. Contagious or not- it is unsafe to get a tattoo with an already compromised immune system.  This can make you worse or  cause you to relapse.  If you're contagious you're also compromising me and anyone else in the shop- staff and clients. 

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

  • Skin to be tattooed has gotten damaged - sunburn, razorburn, scratches/cuts abrasion, poison ivy, other skin conditions, etc.

  • You do not have babysitting/childcare arrangements.  Tattooing is an adult activity.  Please don't bring your children along. No one under 18 is permitted in the shop. 



  • I do not send out designs prior to the appointment time. You will see it the day of your appointment. Any minor changes can be made then. You have chosen me as your artist for a reason and I wholeheartedly appreciate your faith in my ability. After leaving a detailed description of what you wanted, your trust in me to create something you will love is something I do not take lightly!

  • Any estimates that might be given during consultation are not a price guarantee and are subject to change depending on variables that may come into play during the tattoo process- hard to reach areas, movement due to sensitivity, thick skin, scar coverage, ect.

  • I own all rights to my artwork and am not obligated to release drawings/designs to clients at any time before the appointment.  As the artist, I retain all rights to the designed tattoo including the right to photos and to publish in portfolios both online and in hard copy formats. I may also offer a design as "available" if you previously turned it down or no-showed for it.  Once tattooed, I will not duplicate your tattoo on anyone else except for in the case of "matching tattoos" to which all parties have consented.  If not occuring at the same time, please let me know to save the design.

I guarantee all of my work and if your tattoo needs a bit more love, please let me know before the three month mark.   This way we can take care of any possible irks that may happen during healing...  adjust any color or shading that may need it and make sure that everything is fully polished.

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