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Happy Birthday!

So you're going to be 18 soon and you want to get your first tattoo! And you're just going to walk into... wherever they have time? Really?

You know... you don't have to wait for the day to start planning. Every great tattoo starts with a good plan. Under age tattoos may be illegal, but under age consultations are not. So, once you've looked through portfolios online and spent time picking out the tattoo artist who does your favorite type of work, you can always contact them to set up an appointment weeks, and quite possibly, months ahead of time. This way, when your birthday rolls around, you already know who is drawing it up and who's doing it... and when. That way you don't walk in at the last minute and hear, "Sorry, we just don't have time".

Because it's happened. We've seen it. We've seen the really disappointed looks and heard the sad "But it's my birthday"... expressions. And it is sad. I know how exciting it is to just want to get something spontaneous. You knew your birthday was coming, however, we didn't get the memo.

Just because you're under 18 doesn't mean you can't look through portfolios and speak with an artist before you turn 18. Planning and collaborating with an artist can really get your ideas flowing. You might even create an idea that's even better and far more personal than you dreamed of on your own. When I work with someone, I'll try to pick their brain and see what other things I can suggest along the lines of the information I've already been given. This can result in something really well thought out and original. This is your opportunity to get something that no one else has rather than whatever is popular at the moment on Google or Pinterest.

If you found it online and it's just a design, assume that a few thousand other people have downloaded it for the same purpose. If it's a tattoo on someone else, well then, you already KNOW it's on someone else. Don't reduce yourself to a copycat rendition.

You are unique and you deserve something just as amazing as you are! :D


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