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Skindustry Tattoo Expo 2024! Breinigsville, Pennsylvania

Way back in 2008, Jen and I attended our first Skindustry Expo in Breinigsville, PA. Our first expo was also THE FIRST Skindustry Expo and we've been working artists at every show since then. In March, we're coming up on our 15th Skindustry Expo and we'd be so glad to see you there! :D

horseshoe, handshake, banner for the tattoo convention.  Skindustry Tattoo Expo 2024

To book an appointment for the convention, call or text

Jen at 631-648-9430


Stacey at 631-743-0843

Of course there will be art for sale as well as stickers, bookmarks,

Butts & Boobies (car air fresheners)

and if I find out about anything more, I'll be sure to post it here! :D


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