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Going to another place...

New Year, same me... but in a different place:

Inkpulsive opened it's doors in May of 2009. I arrived in early June and have worked there steadily alongside Jen since that time. Anyone who's worked with me as an artist knows that I tend to grow roots and stay in one place for years at a time. I make a home, and Inkpulsive and the people in it have been my home and family now for 15 years.

I'm so grateful to Jen and everyone I've worked with here over the years. My experiences have helped me grow as an artist and as an individual. But lately I've been feeling that need to try something new. To break free, follow the river and see where it goes. Difficult decisions had to be made... and I'm hoping this is the right one.

I feel like it is.

Early February will find me heading West. Not too far. Babylon. And before you ask... no, I'm not opening my own shop. It's just not in the cards at this time. But I've been invited to work in a private studio, which is not an opportunity I've had before! For now, it's just business as usual, taking appointments, working towards and through the Holidays, excited to see how 2024 goes.

Moving boxes on a dolly

And of course, for all my friends and clients who've met up with us at the Skindustry convention for the past 15 or so years... YES! Jen and I will still be doing that convention together, same as always. :D Watch this space for info!

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