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Go Time~

Updated: Jan 30

It's Sunday night here. Things are winding down for me at Inkpulsive. I have two more appointments and then I'm moving all the last bits. And by Friday, wow. It's strange to think about, so I'm just trying to take it as it comes. Things are falling together in ways I wouldn't have imagined. I find that simple things make me happy. Like a bookshelf. A bookshelf that agrees with your books is a big deal.

Books and statues on shelves.
My upright Library

I guess, in some way I could never express, I needed to see all of my books occupy one space. And fitting! Some are so tall they've just never all fit in one place. The collection was always scattered. When I brought them here, there were soo many, all spread across the room. I thought I'd never have enough space. And now I see that I have room for even more! That Bowie book is heavy as hell.

But somehow, things are working out. I still have a ways to go before this room is done.

I have shelves to build, tattoo equipment to move, bins to fill, art supplies to arrange, a routine to discover... that will be the oddest thing, for me. A new routine. Longer commute. It's all good.

But I can't wait to see what happens. I can't wait to see what new things I can learn this year. What new things can I discover about art... and tattooing... and myself?! And what new and creative ideas will my clients present that we can bring to life?!

I'm searching for peace this year. I'd like to find a bit of serenity in my space of creation. This will allow for that. I can feel it already. It's been necessary for some time. I'm grateful to everyone involved in making this a smooth transition and to the universe, for the guidance. Check out my Artist Info page for location and contact.


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